The MediaManager IAP

This document describes the specifics of the MediaManager IAP. For a general description of an IAP, refer iap.html.

The MediaManager is a service that uses intelligent text and voice processing to read out portions of or entire emails to a user. See the MediaManager documentation for more details. The MediaManager IAP acts as a proxy to this service. It serves data only in "gsm" format.

The MediaManager IAP is very similar to the voice-mail IAP. The DTMF-tone based interfaces are the same. The only difference is that the MediaManager IAP gets messages to play from the MediaManager, while the voice-mail IAP gets the messages from the voice-mail respository. Also, the MediaManager IAP operates only in one mode -- in access mode -- there is no functionality to record messages to the MediaManager IAP.

The files

Running the MediaManager IAP

Add the following line to the iSpace configuration file:
iceberg.iap.mm_iap.MM_IAP ipop-host[:port]

The ipop-host is the location of the machine where the iPOP is running, and port is the iSpace port of the iPOP (defaults to 1099).

Naming service and preference registry entries

Since the mediamanager IAP has an identity of its own (that is, users may try to reach the mediamanager IAP as an entity), it needs a naming service entry and preference registry entry. This is very similar to the voice-mail IAP, refer here.

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